Release Notes – November 2023
November 30, 2023

IMPROVEMENT  Fund Catalog – Modal Load Time Efficiency and Logic Update, Filter Options

IMPROVEMENT Static Index Page addition to Mammoth Alts Desk

IMPROVEMENT Firm Admin Updated UI Design, Badges, Addition/Removal, Empty State, Logic, Additional View, Investments Table update, Minimum Investment Details for “at a glance”, Import Client List update, Asset Class Logic, Add Advisor Column for Client View Page

IMPROVEMENT Alts Desk Update Content across all offerings, Bulk Position Maintenance, Fund Catalog Redirect Logic, Single Alt View, Functionality

IMPROVEMENT New Association for Edit Funds Functionality

INFRASTRUCTUREServer Upgrade for specific environment

IMPROVEMENT Advisor Upgrades: Single Client Fields, New Client, Success Messages, Add Investment

IMPROVEMENT Investor Onboarding Branding Enhancements

NEW FEATURE Switch Role for Admins

FIX Bad Gateway Error for Investments fixed

IMPROVEMENT – UI/UX Update for Brand customization

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