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Subscription Document Workflows Built for Speed

Reduce the manual work to deliver complete and accurate subscription documents to your investors. Close faster and with less friction for your team and your investment partners.

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How it works

Reduce errors, streamline paperwork and enhance your investor experience by auto-populating subscription documents. From executing legal documents to getting data into your systems, this process simplifies your onboarding.


Submit your subscription agreement and any other documents for processing into Mammoth.

Invite Investors

Pre-fill investor data with information you already have when you invite them to a new opportunity.

Track & Review

Follow along as your investors complete the onboarding process. Review their responses and request revisions as necessary.


Countersign and send customized emails to all relevant stakeholders making sure the right people get the right info at the right time.


Use your investor data through custom exports so you can upload into your systems or do it automatically through specific integrations.

We Recognize the Need for Speed

Conditional Logic

Our investor application allows your LPs to only address the portions of the subscription document that apply to them.

Immediate KYC/AML

Our onboarding process directly embeds KYC/AML screening to keep everyone moving with ease.

One Stop for All Documents

Getting organized keeps you from wasting time trying to locate important information. We’ll keep everything right where it should be.

Secure Sharing

Send the right people, the right information at the right time from one trusted source of truth.

Close Capital Faster

Investors can complete subscription documents in 5 minutes or less with a 95%+ degree of accuracy. Stop wasting time with paper documents or corrections. Close the fund faster and start providing more value to your portfolio companies.

Save Legal Fees

Get back time and money when you submit accurate subscription documents instead of going back and forth on revisions.

Increase Trust

After all the time you’ve spent nurturing your potential investors, make sure that your investor onboarding experience is as smooth and effortless as it can be.

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