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The Problem

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Today’s client portfolios lack true diversification. With only 10% of Large US businesses being traded on the NYSE or NASDAQ, most financial advisor clients are left out of alternative investment opportunities that could provide them better market exposure relative to their risk profile. 1


26% Annualized Growth in Managed Private Capital over the Past Decade 1


$7.3 Trillion Private Capital Market 1


$500 Billion in U.S. Venture Capital Funds 1
1. World Bank number of U.S. domestic companies listed on stock exchanges (4,266) cross-referenced with the North American Industry Classification System’s number of U.S. companies employing 500+ people as of February 2021 (42,553).
Our Core Solutions

Premier Alternatives Platform

For Advisors
For Funds
For Founders
For Investors
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For Advisors

Modern Alternative Investments for Financial Advisors, Family Offices & Institutional Investors

Traditional alternative investments can be difficult to access, hard to scale, and often lack the support necessary to integrate with a fiduciary wealth manager. Mammoth brings together the best of alternative investing, technology, integration, compliance, legal and tax analysis into one platform for all fiduciaries.

  • Curated Private Investment Funds: Access funds that provide your clients with quality diversification that align with their interests and needs.
  • Compliance & Legal Support: Get the compliance support you need to effectively and efficiently advise on alternative investments.
For Funds & Fund Managers

Partner with Mammoth for Your Full Service Back Office Solution

Connecting your insightfulness with our operational excellence is what drives us. For the right funds, our team will help you establish your fund, onboard investors, manage your cap table, facilitate tax and accounting services, and more.

  • Technology: Your investors deserve a streamlined onboarding experience and a simplified qualification process. Centralize your communications and data to drive confidence and clarity for all of your investors.
  • Regulatory: At Mammoth, we help you adhere to all relevant regulatory requirements.
  • RIA & Wealth Managers: We partner with fiduciaries who are looking for additional diversification and strong investment narratives for their clients who qualify for private investing.
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For Founders

Get Your Company Ready for Fundraising

Mammoth is designed to help you get your company ready for fundraising. Services focusing on incorporation document stacks, fundraising, and equity management are packaged together to make your job as a founder simpler and enable you to focus on what really matters – running your company.

  • Clear Communication: Investors want up-to-date information delivered to them in a timely, relevant manner. Our platform helps support your operations by keeping your updates available whenever your investors want to access them.
  • Modern Investor Onboarding: Remove paperwork hassles and cumbersome processes, including KYC and CIP, to create and distribute all the necessary documents through our platform.*
  • Stay Compliant: Get notified about key compliance related items and legislation.
  • Maximize Your Potential Distribution: For those that qualify, tap into our network of limited partners who are looking for investments similar to your risk profile and values.
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For Investors

Get Access to Highly Curated Private Investments

Mammoth provides an easy-to-access hub for all of your alternative investment needs. All of the information you need, answers to any questions you may have, and any new opportunities you don’t want to miss out on, all provided through your investor portal.

  • Get a Clear View of Your Investments
  • Discover New Opportunities to Add to Your Portfolio
  • Stay Organized with All Your Tax and Subscription Documents in One Place

Discover the Mammoth Difference

Lauren Oschman

Increasing Average
Client Size Through
Alternative Investments

Learn how alternative investment requests from Vestia’s clients lead to one of the most successful new ways to add more value to clients and dramatically increase the size of new prospects.*

Lauren Oschman, CFP ® CEO of Vestia Personal Wealth Advisors*


Complete Alternative Investment Support Built for Advisors

Mammoth is built to help advisors and clients navigate alternative investing with ease.

Branded Investment Portal

Provide your clients with a clear investor portal that helps them track their investments, access tax documents, and interact with investor relations seamlessly.

KYC/CIP Verification

Our proven KYC, CIP, and OFAC checks help effectively onboard clients while providing you with industry best-in-class due diligence.*

ACH & Wire Transfers

Transfer funds seamlessly from your banking into the private fund of your choice in a matter of moments.

IRA Support

Mammoth allows you to invest directly from your IRA through our fully integrated IRA support.

Fiduciary Integration

Fiduciaries are deeply integrated into each part of the Mammoth process. Investment clients and advisors work together to ensure that deals fit a financial plan and are integrated with broader tax planning.*

Fund Accounting & K1 Filing

Mammoth supplies you and your clients with dedicated fund accounting and K1 production to provided quality support and transparency.

Lower Minimums

Alternative investments generally come with a private price tag. Mammoth helps your clients participate with lower minimums and diverse funds that fit a spectrum of risk profiles.

Accredited Investors & Qualified Purchasers

Mammoth supports both accredited investors and qualified purchasers — helping break down the walls that prevent ordinary investors from participating in alternative investments.


Helping You Simplify Alternative Investing

Our team and technology are dedicated to your success and the experience of your clients.

What is Mammoth?

Mammoth Scientific (“Mammoth”) is a premier alternative investment experience. Mammoth’s platform breaks down the barriers that prevent potential limited partners from investing in opportunities aligned with their unique investment thesis and risk profile.

Who is Mammoth for?

For Advisors: Investing in private deals should be efficient, integrated and done in conjunction with the investor’s advisor.

For Funds: Mammoth delivers a complete suite of fund creation solutions from inception to funding and investor relations.

For Founders: Mammoth is designed to help you get your company ready for fundraising.

For Investors: Mammoth offers a transparent investor portal that details all the information relevant to your alternative investments.

What makes Mammoth different?

Mammoth delivers an ever-enhancing, modern alternative investing experience for fiduciaries and their clients alike. While the traditional players focus only on larger wealth managers who are looking for generic liquid alternative solutions, Mammoth is creating a path of access, opportunity, and integration.

How do I get started with Mammoth?

To get started with Mammoth, simply connect to our team here to begin the process and we will guide you through our questionnaire to help make sure that we are a great fit for your situation.