Release Notes – December 2023
December 18, 2023

FIX Advisor Investment Addition Pop Up stabilization

INFRASTRUCTURE Data visualization dashboard inside Portfolio Accounting Software

INFRASTRUCTURE New SQL connections established 

NEW FEATURE CMS Field Additions

IMPROVEMENT Team Member Additions

IMPROVEMENT Updated Success Messaging

IMPROVEMENT Brand Color Option Updates

IMPROVEMENT Personalization and Brand Update

IMPROVEMENT Change acknowledgement notification text update

IMPROVEMENT Remove “True Up Amount” field

IMPROVEMENT Update Final Screen path to Dashboard

IMPROVEMENT Terms Conditions & Policies Content/Copy update

IMPROVEMENT Email Send Workflow Synch Up

IMPROVEMENT Investor Profile Address Notification Update

IMPROVEMENT Firm Administrator Adding New Client, Association and View, IMPROVEMENT – Optimize Loading of Client Data 

IMPROVEMENT Import Clients CSV redirection 

IMPROVEMENT Brand Customization Text,  Aspect Ratio Adjustment  and Template Image Optimization

IMPROVEMENT Onboarding Image, Workflow and Custom Link Creation

INFRASTRUCTURE Server Upgrade regarding new team member additions

IMPROVEMENT Team Member Editing

INFRASTRUCTURE Invest Account Connection

IMPROVEMENT Footer color and logo update

IMPROVEMENT Team Members logic creation

IMPROVEMENT Global Fund Catalog workflow for empty state based on unique user roles

IMPROVEMENT Due Diligence Copy Update

IMPROVEMENT Compliance Copy & Design Update

FIX Firm Admin Fund Catalog Not Displaying Properly

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