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Modern Alternatives Platform for Fiduciaries

Traditional alternative investments are often difficult to access, hard to work with, and lack the support necessary to integrate with your back office. Mammoth brings together the best of private investing, technology and integration on one compliant portal.


Private Funds are Consistently Out-Performing Public Funds

For Fiduciaries, the current data supporting the value of the private market serves as a call to action for your firm and the value you provide your clients.


of new capital raised in 2019 came from private markets.


The number of public companies has reduced by nearly half since 1996.


“Companies raised $3.0 trillion in private markets and $1.5 trillion in public markets in 2017.”

See Facilitating Capital Formation and Expanding Investment Opportunities by Improving Access to Capital in Private Markets, Proposed Rule, Rel. No. 33-10763 (Mar. 4, 2020) (“In 2019, registered offerings accounted for $1.2 trillion (30.8 percent) of new capital, compared to approximately $2.7 trillion (69.2 percent) that we estimate was raised through exempt offerings.”).
Scott Bauguess, Rachita Gullapalli, and Vladimir Ivanov, “Capital Raising in the U.S.: An Analysis of the Market for Unregistered Securities Offerings, 2009‐2017,” Division of Economic and Risk Analysis, U.S. Securities andExchange Commission, August 2018.


Efficient Enrollment + Onboarding

Investing in alternative deals should be efficient, integrated and executed in conjunction with a financial advisor. It’s time to use a platform that delivers what you need.

Support for Accredited Investors and Qualified Purchasers

Efficient KYC/AML Checks

Compliant Identity Verification

IRA Support

Streamlined ACH Support

Lower Minimums on Funds Than Typical Alternative Investments


Best Practice Compliance, Modern & Accountable Customer Service

There is no need to sacrifice on service. Mammoth provides you with dedicated professionals who know wealth management, SEC and FINRA regulations and can support your compliance needs.

Support for Client Agreements and Compensation Structures for Private Investments and Alternatives

Support on Form ADV for offering alternative investments

Compliance Manual Support to Properly Offer Private Investments and Alternatives



Highly Curated Funds Built for Advisors

The Funds on Mammoth’s Integrated Alternatives Platform️ are designed to maximize the advisor-client relationship.


Access carefully curated investments to help diversify beyond traditional portfolio offerings.


When you find appropriate opportunities for your clients, you can use the portal to share the fund’s data room, kick off a digital subscription process and automate the verification process.


Keep your back office up to date through integration services and investor relations communications. You can use your platform to keep your clients and your team up to date.

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