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Mammoth Technology is designed to help establish your private fund, onboard your investors, manage your cap table, facilitate tax and accounting services, and more. Mammoth’s Integrated Alternatives Platform enables you to focus on your investors.

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Mammoth Simplifies Your Private Fund Creation Process

Mammoth delivers a complete suite of private fund creation solutions from inception to funding to investor relations all on one Integrated Alternatives Platform️.

1.  Initial Consultation

A short, structured meeting with members of Mammoth’s team to focus on getting to know you, your company, and what you need.

2. Proposal

Mammoth provides a service offering proposal based on your needs and how you plan to fundraise.

3.  Fund Onboarding and Launch

Mammoth works with you to get your fund ready to launch. We’ll provide you with our universal investor application, ingest and field map the rest of your subscription documents, load your data room and create a clear window for you to begin fundraising.

4.  Investor Onboarding

With your fund officially launched, fundraising begins and Mammoth provides full visibility as a fund manager. Escrow balance, KYC/CIP, Accredited Investor Verification (for relevant 506(c) funds), and more will all be visible to you as your fundraising period progresses. Your investors will enjoy a streamlined onboarding experience that simplifies private investing.

5.  Ongoing Business

Mammoth covers your back office for the life of your fund, so you can focus on your deals.


Proven Investor Onboarding, Built for Your Fund

Our experienced team provides a proven, seamless onboarding process for all investors. This allows for a simplified user experience with your fund from start to finish on an Integrated Alternatives Platform️.

Send Your Fund Specific URL to Your Potential Investors
Investor Creates Dual-Factor Authenticated Account
Investor is Digitally Verified or Self Verifies
All Documents are Populated, Reviewed and Signed
Funds Move from Investor to Escrow Account
Funds Move from Escrow Account to Your Account

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