Data Rooms

Secure, Intuitive, Virtual

Provide prospective investors with streamlined access to an online data room built with them in mind. Never worry about sending the right documents again.

The Process

Upload Your Fund Materials

Once you’re on the Mammoth platform, simply add your fund details by uploading your desired documents to each specific funds’ data room.


Share the Link

Once approved, share out the data room link with your potential investors directly from the platform or your email. Their “invest now” link will take them directly to onboarding for your fund, where they can complete their electronic subscription document, e-sign and ACH or receive wire instructions.


Follow Up

As investors review the data room and begin the document submission process – you’ll be notified when it’s your turn to take action. You’ll be able to efficiently interact with your investors and reach your fundraising goals faster.

Want to see it in action?