The Role of a Financial Advisor in Alternatives
January 2, 2024
Financial Advisors in Alternatives

The role of a financial advisor is pivotal in delivering outstanding client service that goes beyond the usual investment norms. Great advisors are looking for ways to increase the value they provide their clients. Planning alpha and tax alpha are two fairly well explored ideas, whereas adding alternatives into your client portfolios remains just out of reach for lots of firms. 

To truly stand out and provide exceptional value, you should aim to offer a complete view of your clients’ wealth. Thanks to automation tools like Mammoth Technology, that can become much easier than it has been in the past. Our digital platform and reconciliation tools can help you gather information from various sources and either push them into your desired system of record, or provide your clients with a portal that’s branded to your firm to see all of their alternative investments in one spot.

Gaining a holistic view empowers your clients to make informed decisions about their wealth. Plus, sharing this comprehensive financial picture fosters an extra layer of trust and transparency between you and your clients.

Transparency is key to building a strong advisor-client relationship. With the help of automation, generating detailed reports on your clients’ investment portfolios, including alternative investments, becomes a scalable, repeatable process. Through Mammoth Technology’s platform, we can provide performance metrics, collect tax documents, and more.

This transparent communication builds trust and allows your clients to easily track the progress of their investments and overall financial picture.

Mammoth Technology offers a powerful platform that makes your life as financial advisors much smoother:

  • Efficiently Aggregate Data: Consolidate clients’ investment data from multiple sources, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring accuracy.
  • Generate Comprehensive Reports: Effortlessly create reports that cover clients’ entire investment portfolios, including alternative investments, and customize them to meet each client’s specific needs.
  • Enable Real-time Access: Mammoth Technology’s secure client portal provides clients with real-time access to their investment data, performance metrics, and valuations, fostering transparency and communication. If you’d rather simply display this data in your current client portal, we’ll work with you and your portfolio accounting software to relieve the manual processes that can so easily drag your back office operations efficiency down.

As financial advisors, it’s your desire to provide service that surpasses traditional investment reporting. By embracing automation tools like Mammoth Technology, you can effortlessly offer a holistic view of your clients’ wealth, transparently communicate their entire investment portfolio, and even incorporate additional alpha generation. This not only streamlines your processes but strengthens the bond between you and your clients. If you’re ready to embrace technology, go the extra mile, and position yourself as trusted advisors who genuinely care about your clients’ financial success, let’s talk.

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