Press Release – Innovative Platform for Alternative Investment Management 
September 11, 2023
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Mammoth Technology Unveils Innovative Platform for Alternative Investment Management 


[Los Angeles, September 2023] – Mammoth Technology is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking platform, designed to empower Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), Family Offices, and Fund Managers in effectively managing alternative investments. This intuitive, integrated solution marks a significant milestone in bridging the gap between investors, financial advisors, and fund managers, all while seamlessly aligning with the unique branding of each RIA firm.


The Mammoth Advisor Portal provides a comprehensive suite of features enabling advisors to manage their clients’ full spectrum of private investments. With its user-friendly interface, advisors can effortlessly see updates on their clients’ alternative investments and access documents and K1s directly. This streamlined process to access and manage essential investment details enables RIAs to offer their clients the most up-to-date and accurate information.


Working with Mammoth empowers RIA’s, broker-dealers and family offices to enhance their client service by seamlessly integrating all their alternative investment data with other technology. By simplifying data management and automating processes, Mammoth works with RIAs to integrate their alternatives and optimize their advisory services while maintaining a superior client experience.


“Empowering Registered Investment Advisors is at the core of our mission at Mammoth Technology. With the launch of our Advisor Portal, we aim to revolutionize how alternative investments are managed,” said Kim Mackrill, CEO of Mammoth Technology. “By providing an intuitive and integrated platform, we ensure financial advisors can focus on delivering exceptional advice and support to their clients while our professional services team offers expert integration guidance to maximize the value of innovation.”


“The team at Mammoth is focused on listening to our needs and serving clients – both as it relates to our private funds and the third-party funds that matter most to our clients and advisors. Their focus on a design-first process emphasizing integration-driven roadmaps creates a compelling case as we look at the future of our private investing technology,” said Heather Fortner, CEO of SignatureFD. 


The Mammoth Advisor Portal offers a host of benefits to financial advisors and wealth managers. One of the key advantages is the expert integration guidance provided by Mammoth Technology’s professional services team. This personalized support ensures that firms can quickly and efficiently leverage Mammoth’s capabilities to enhance their advisory practice and drive growth.


Chief Operating Officer of Plancorp, Gary Bonner added, “Managing private funds is often a large obstacle for wealth management firms. Knowing this challenge, I am very encouraged by the impact that Mammoth is making to reshape and modernize the private investing landscape. From every screen and workflow, you can tell the level of care that is being poured into how Mammoth is reshaping the way advisors can simplify the management of private funds.” 


In addition to streamlining investment consultation, the portal provides integrated reporting data that empower wealth managers to gain valuable insights into their clients’ alternative investment portfolios. With this enhanced visibility, RIAs can make more informed decisions and deliver tailored advice to their clients, thereby solidifying their position as trusted financial guides.


Mammoth Technology’s commitment to innovation and excellence has driven its success in the financial technology industry. The Advisor Platform represents another step in their journey to provide advanced solutions that cater to the unique needs of RIAs and wealth managers.


To learn more about the Mammoth Advisor Platform and how it can revolutionize alternative investment management, visit


About Mammoth Technology

Mammoth Technology provides cutting-edge financial technology solutions that empower Registered Investment Advisors and Fund Managers to streamline their operations and enhance client service. With a focus on innovation and personalized support, Mammoth Technology continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the financial technology landscape.


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