Alternative Investing Made Easy

Mammoth is designed to provide you with access to highly curated private, alternative investments that complement the values, ambition, and narratives that matter most to you.

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Careful Curation

Mammoth carefully curates private funds that provide unique diversification to investors, all while weighing taxes and IRA accessibility.*

Accessible Entry

Mammoth delivers unique access to funds and opportunities that are available to investors at a variety of minimums.

Modern Experience

Private Investing can be cumbersome and confusing. We simplify your experience by delivering all of the investment information and subscription documents under one unified platform.

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Gain Access Easily

Experience a simple, time-efficient enrollment process to create a profile that allows you to view alternative investment opportunities.

  • Answer basic pre-qualifying questions to make sure alternative investing is right for you.
  • Enhance your profile to receive additional investment opportunities.
Mammoth Helps you

Take Private Investing to the Next Level

We believe that everyone who qualifies should gain access to the right private investments for them. When you’re ready to diversify beyond what’s available on the public market, you need a trusted guide to provide you with carefully curated investments that meet your desires. We’re here to help.


We showcase investment opportunities with clear, concise, and plain language to help you invest with confidence.

Ease of Use

Paperwork doesn’t have to use paper anymore. We’ll help you seamlessly review and sign your documents whenever you choose to invest.

Due Diligence

Our due diligence committee is frequently reviewing new private investment opportunities designed for investors like you.

Modern Alternative Investing Experience

You never have to guess. Mammoth provides an easy-to-access hub for all of your alternative investment needs. All of the information you need, answers to any questions you may have, and any new opportunities you don’t want to miss out on are all provided to your secure profile.

Get a Clear View of Your Investments
Discover New Opportunities to Add to Your Portfolio
Stay Organized with All Your Tax and Subscription Documents in One Place
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Invest in Some of Today’s Most Meaningful Private Companies

The full list of funds on the platform are only available to those who qualify, however, you can expect:

Carefully Curated funds that fit your risk profile, values, and investment objectives.

Tax Sensitive analysis of all investments to help you align your private investment choices with your tax planning.*

Efficient Access through our proprietary onboarding and portal experience.
Values Aligned funds that will help your investment make a meaningful difference based on your personal values.