The Premier Private Investing Experience

Mammoth’s Integrated Alternatives Platform️™ breaks down the barriers that prevent potential limited partners from investing in opportunities aligned with their unique investment thesis and risk profile.

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Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges and Creating a Connected Future

Our Integrated Alternatives Platform️™ unites fiduciaries, funds, founders and investors through seamless communication. Instead of building the same old business model on the same old framework, Mammoth is blazing a path of access, opportunity, and integration.


Our Leadership Team

We are committed to providing the world with quality, intelligent private investments. Our team is built of experienced operators who have built and transformed independent financial services and beyond.

Jay Yadav, MD

General Partner, Mammoth Investors

Tommy Martin

Co-founder & CEO, Mammoth Investors

Kimberly Mackrill

Co-founder & COO, Mammoth Investors

Jud Mackrill

Co-founder & Chief Platform Officer, Mammoth Investors

Erin Heck

Chief Legal Officer, Mammoth Investors

Jessi Robbins

Investor Relations Manager, Mammoth Investors

Matthew McGirt, MD, FAANS

Vice President of Clinical and Commercial Development / Scientific Analyst, Mammoth Scientific

Kim Tillett-Poole

Executive Vice President of Program Management, Mammoth Research*

Michelle Vincent

Principal, Mammoth Research*

Betty Gearhart

Principal, Mammoth Research*

Rob Parrish

Securities Representative, Mammoth Research*

Donna Greene

Securities Representative, Mammoth Research*

Alona Kornberg

Chief Compliance Officer, Mammoth Research*

Susan Hayes

FinOp, Mammoth Research*

*The Securities Group, LLC dba Mammoth Research

Private Investments methodically analyzed by 45+ investment professionals

Mammoth’s investment team works with institutional specialists to provide thorough due diligence on every fund offered. To learn more about each investment professional, you can research their background and experience here.


Mammoth’s Core Values

Our core values unify our team, focus our mission and help us to never take our eye off of the needs of all of our customers.

We Believe in When, Not If

‍We are committed to viewing the future through a lens of possibility.

We are Solvers

We look for solutions individually and as a community. We are committed to finding the best path to success.

We Run Through the Tape

We get the job done — whatever it may be. We are responsible for the outcome even if it is beyond our scope.

We Never Let Them Guess

We don’t wait for our clients or teammates to reach out to us. We believe that clarity is kindness.

We Model Confident Authenticity

We value our previous experiences and the wisdom we’ve gleaned already to show up boldly while staying ready to learn more.

We Believe Everybody Matters

We treat every person with respect and believe that maintaining healthy relationships is the point of everything we do.