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Bridge the gap between investors, financial advisors, and fund managers through an intuitive, integrated platform branded to you.

Comprehensive Solutions

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Mammoth can support you from the inception of your first fund to the management of an extensive portfolio. We excel in streamlining every aspect of the process, from fund setup to investor relations support to comprehensive reporting.

Investor Relations Support You Can Rely On

Digital Data Room

Send digital Data Room invitations directly to your potential investors.

Subscription Documents

From a basic investor application to your full document stack, your investors move through a simple, customized workflow in minutes.


From KYC to AML and beyond. Map beneficial owners intelligently, efficiently screen against sanctions lists, and confidently accept investors into your fund.

Investor Updates

Provide tax documents, fund updates and distribution information compliantly.

Connect Key Stakeholders


Help your clients gain access to their alternative investment needs through their secure profile.

Financial Advisors

Join an alternatives platform designed to maximize the advisor-client relationship.


Get your company ready for fundraising. We help you focus on what really matters - running your company.

Fund Managers

Focus on raising and deploying capital with ease.
Get a Clear View of Your Clients' Investments & Add New Opportunities to Their Portfolio
Client Experience
    • Investor Relations Support
    • Efficient KYC/AML Checks
    • Compliant Identity Verification
    • IRA Support
    • Streamlined ACH Support
Operations Support
    • Get your documents in order with less legal expense.
    • Keep them in one convenient location.
Get the details that are traditionally trapped in sub docs into whatever format you need.
Stay Organized with All Tax and Subscription Documents in One Place
Back Office Operations
    • Statement Processing
    • Billing Assistance
    • Compliance Assistance
Investor Relations
    • Digital Data rooms
    • Electronic subscription process
    • Simplify your fundraising strategy to accelerate time to close.
Offer a proven, seamless on boarding process for all investors to help you gain efficiency and scale.

Alternative Investments Scaled

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Get expert integration guidance from our professional services team to gain value faster. We excel in streamlining every aspect of the process, from fund setup consultation to investor relations support to comprehensive reporting. Discover a better alternative investment experience.