Transactions, Valuations & Alternative Asset Information Managed for You

Maintain your alternatives information in one convenient place and send it via API into the system of your choosing. Let our processing service update transactions and valuations from your clients’ fund administrators without the need for manual processes at your firm. Use global transactions and valuations to apply updates en masse and track the changes with auditing tools. Establish insights and gain clarity.

The Process

Document & Data Collection

Our team will assist your firm so that we can receive and access your client statements.


Labeling & Categorization

Your files are labeled and categorized with consistent naming conventions for easy storage and retrieval.


Review & Extraction

To gain scale, our team teaches the OCR (and similar) tools how to review the new documents and extract the data from the files into actionable data sets.



Once data has been extracted, it’s ready to be checked for accuracy. Anomalies are highlighted and, whenever necessary, the extraction tools are informed about new rules and formats to keep improving their accuracy.

Please Note: Reconciliation services are available even for those who are using other outside data collection and extraction tools. 


Data Delivery

Your data is uploaded to the system of record of your choice – whether that is a portfolio accounting software, CRM or data warehouse, we’ll help get your information where it needs to be.


Move Beyond the Ordinary

If you are ready to free your team from redundant, duplicative work and embrace a bundled work process that’s transferable, we’d love to talk.